Monday, November 9, 2009

Melt my heart!

I was putting Princess M to bed tonight, and we were chatting about how her Uncle John was my brother; and she was at first insistent that we "are only allowed one family, and not two."

So I explained, how when we were little, we lived together with all her other uncles and aunts, with her grandma and grandpa, and when we grew up and got married we all moved out and had our own kids; and when she and Baby A grow up, they're going to get married and have kids, and they will be each other's kids' aunts.

We've talked about this before, but tonight a whole new realization entered her little mind, "Mom, when I grow up, am I going to leave your house?" As soon as I said yes, she burst into heavy sobs, and I couldn't console her for a full five minutes. "But I want to stay with you!" and "But I want to live with you FOREVER!" She was simply beside herself in anguish.

Explaining that she wouldn't always feel that way, made no sense to her, and I wasn't about to lie to her and say she could stay forever. Finally, she accepted the assurance that she could stay with us as long as she still wanted to.

As humorous as it was, it was also very touching that she loves me so much. I'm sure it won't be long enough for me before she's counting the days before she can move out on her own. Oh, that they could stay so sweet, and innocent forever!


Maryle said...

That is soooooo sweet!

Mel said...

OHHHHHH! Too cute. I used to tell my parents that I wanted to live with them forever and that was even when I was older. Call me crazy! M is such a doll!

Rach said...

Well, I would cry too if I was M and really thought about how I was related to Uncle John!! =) Isn't it sad to think that one day she won't feel that way anymore? Make the most of it now!

Sarah said...

Perfect, perfect journal entry...something wonderful to remember!

And you are great for not lying to your kid...I can't say that I'm that great...