Sunday, October 4, 2009

June Pics

I kept thinking I'd make the time to get all caught up with blogging; but I realize I haven't blogged anything since the beginning of June and it's now October. So, I'm just going to do one blog entry for each month and post the pictures we have.

Here's June:

Besides the Renaissance Festival, several other fun things happened that month.

Princess A's 8 month photo.

Does this look familiar?

On really good nights, sometimes Princess M gets to watch a movie in bed, downloaded from netflix. She really loves this treat.

Princess M put the sour cream on her quesadilla all by herself. ;)

My roses were gorgeous this year!

Baby A got her first swim suit which matched Princess M's. M was thrilled!

I love the crisscross.

Isn't she cute?

This is an interesting story. You can't see it very well in the picture, but if you look really close at her eyes...

even closer....You may notice a shine. She found my Victoria Secret lip gloss; which happens to be incredibly sticky stuff that does NOT come off, and smeared it all over her eyes. She wanted to put some make up on.

Upon examining the ingredients, there were several chemicals that we did not even recognize so we got a little worried. I looked everywhere for the number for poison control. Did you know it's not in the phone book? At a loss for what to do, I called 911 to see if they could give me the number for poison control. She wouldn't even talk to me until I gave her my address. I did, and then explained what happened, that it's not really an emergency and I just need them to connect me to poison control. She can't do that, and she can't even give me the number. But she wanted to send out an EMT team to look at her eyes. I protested that it wasn't necessary and it would be a real waste of everyone's time & money. She pretty much strong armed me over the phone to let them come, insisting that they wouldn't mind, and it would be no cost to us.

So that night we had a visit from the fire truck and not just 1 or 2, but 4 firemen who all rushed in and started peppering M with questions. She was so overwhelmed that I think that alone was enough incentive never to play in my makeup again. Upon looking at the ingredients in the lip gloss, they promptly called poison control. And yes, I got the number from them for future reference. There ended up not being any harm done, but it was quite the bedtime drama.

Princess M learned how to roller skate.

That water was Ice cold! But they still had a blast.

Baby A's 9 month pics

My gorgeous girls!!!

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