Sunday, February 8, 2009


Although M is a true princess in every sense of the word, she has never ever liked having her hair touched. She doesn't like brushing, styling, or even just fondly stroking. I was looking at a very cute blog here, wistfully wishing I could try some of the very cute hairstyles demonstrated there on my dear daughter, when she walked into the room, fresh from a nap. I started showing her some of the beautiful "princess" hairdos and asked if she would let me try some on her. She actually said YES!! And she seemed pretty excited about it to boot!

She even sat still long enough to let me try 2 different styles out! She was so proud to show her daddy, and is very excited to wear one to church where everyone will be able to see her.

I hope this is the beginning of a new era in hairstyling for my little princess.


Dirk and Trish said...

So cute! I'm still celebrating that L even allows me to do a ponytail. Is everyone healthy now? We didn't see you today. Hope things are going better!

Tara said...

She looks ADORABLE!!

Rach said...

What?? Is this the same little M that wouldn't let anyone (except her aunt) mess with her hair? Looks great, can't wait until I can use those blogs for my little one.

Sarah said...

Um, my kid won't let me braid his hair either...wait...I guess that makes sense.

Super cute pics!!!