Monday, November 12, 2007

It's about time!

Well I guess there's no easy fix for someone who just doesn't journal very often. My sister-in-law sent me a link to her blog which made me think I should write again in my own. Alex and I have been swamped in real estate lately. The market may be "down" but our business is starting to really take off. It's pretty exciting, but I'm also frantically trying to get some systems in place so we don't start dropping the ball and drowning in our business.

Mexico was a blast! I'll post a few pics. Alex has been back to Maryland for family matters and M got to go with him this time. My garden did really well, and I've got plans for next year. Halloween came and went. M was a witch for the ward party and a pumpkin for trick or treating (it was warmer) this year, and had a lot of fun learning all about the holiday. She still runs around sometimes saying "Happy Ween!" and "Tick er Tweet!" She's growing up so fast!


Dale and Linda said...

JoDee,I'm so glad that you are a blogger. Emily was just asking me if any of the (Kidman) cousins had blogs because she wanted to keep in touch. Will let us join your blog list?

EBWalker said...

Hi JoDee! This is you cousin Emily! I am excited my mom hunted down your blog for me. We will add you on to our blog list. You have such a cute family! Our blog is
You can link from there to everyone else in our family too. Let us know if any of your family has blogs too! This will be such a fun way to keep in touch. Sorry this is so long. I hope you are doing well!

Chris and Karen said...
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Chris and Karen said...

JoDee, thanks for sending us your link (karen sherwood scott) we've got our own blog too. It is so nice to see how people are doing. I love looking at photos. here is our link

evelynrussell2 said...

Alex and JoDee!!!!!! I was so excited to see you have a blog. I loved the pictures and all of the balloons. It looked so beautiful! I spent today (thank you for the birthday gift -- we will have to think hard what to see) driving to Sandston, Va. where Gan grew up. Miriam is so beautiful......Gan would have loved watching her grow. I am glad you have a blog. Some of my visiting teachers blog regularly and I love reading their entries and seeing the pictures. I will visit your site everytime you leave an entry. Wish I knew how to do it!! Love to you all!!! Evelyn and Gene