Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Here; Bigger than Ever!

Hopefully this will be my last pregnant photo this time around.  Don't be fooled; the black shirt hides a LOT of belly.  I'm absolutely huge!  We're now 4 days from due date and hoping we don't make it that long.  Thankfully the monsoons have fully arrived, making everything cooler and greener.  My garden is growing like crazy and I don't have to do much in it right now except pick produce.  The house is so quiet without the older girls, and it stays a lot cleaner!  I wouldn't give them away for anything, but it's been nice not having so much housework to do these last few weeks of pregnancy.  I feel like an overfilled water balloon that is being held up by the knot.  Like a time bomb waiting to explode.  

We're all packed up for the hospital.  Arrangements have been made for Monkey, and she's all packed up for that as well.  I had my baby shower yesterday, which was better attended than I had hoped.  The wonderful and generous ladies in my life have really helped us build a wardrobe for this little man, so he won't be stuck in pink and purple for the first year of life.  We've typed out our birth plan, toured the maternity ward of the hospital, and filled the freezer with casseroles.  Now we just need him to make his big debut.  Hopefully my next post will be full of newborn photos!

We just got word that my parents and our oldest girls will be arriving a week from tomorrow.  Monkey will be so excited!  They may not have missed us, but Monkey has certainly missed them terribly!  Pregnant Momma is not so fun to play with all day.

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