Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 2012 Events

I can't believe Little Mouse is already 11 months old!!
She is an absolute joy to have around (although I could do without the high pitched, ear splitting screach.)

She got her first goose egg this month.  It was very, very sad.

She also had her very first hair do.  There was just enough hair to gather into a tiny pony on top of her head (kind of like a top knot.)  Then we clipped a butterfly onto that.  It was super cute! 

Banana Girl in her hairdo for church.

On our way home from Pheonix, both girls slept most of the way home.  Made for a quiet ride.

Banana Girl had her second dentist appointment.  She loved the sun glasses and she had no cavities.  Yea!

Princess M had a blast performing with her Kindergarten class in their choir concert last Friday.  Whenever, I thought I had a good shot of her, and would push the button, they would turn, or someone would get in the way by the time the flash finally clicked.  This was the best shot I could get of her in concert.  It was, however, a really good shot of her cute hair do.

The concert was focused on being healthy.  Some really cute songs by all grades.  Princess M's class sang the Body Boogie.  It was great!  Here's her after the show with Banana Girl.

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