Sunday, November 27, 2011

Banana Art

 Banana Girl has made that transition from just scribbles to drawing something; namely faces. 

In this second, drawing, you may notice something different.  Banana Girl has done something that her older sister, with all her art ability, has never done: she is exploring emotions.  

This is a family portrait.  The big head is Alex ;), to the right is me, and below me are Princess M & Banana Girl, with Little Mouse in orange up in the upper left corner.  When we questioned her about it, this is roughly how the conversation went:

Mommy:  "This is Daddy?  Is Daddy happy?"
Banana Girl: "No.  He's sad."
Mommy: "Is Mommy sad too?"
Banana Girl: "No.  She's mad."
At this point, I'm trying to suppress a laugh, and Alex took it a step further:
Daddy: "Why is Daddy sad?  Did he lose his game?"
Banana Girl: "No.  He's ignoring Momma."
Daddy: "Why is Momma sad?"
Banana Girl: "Because Daddy is ignoring her."

Priceless.  Should I be concerned?  I think I need to watch my temper better.  Apparently all the girls are happy though.  

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Maryle said...

That is awesome!!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one:)