Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Princess M goes Barber on me

Last week, after being thoroughly scolded for using her scissors on her toys, and having her scissors confiscated, Princess M found mine and decided to fix her "bangs in her face" problem for both herself and her little sister. 

She actually cut a fairly straight line, since she cut them off all the way up to the hairline, so I haven't tried to "fix" it at all.  Besides, what can you really do, besides just keep their hair pulled back for the next couple months. 

So I guess, Banana Girl now has had her first haircut.  She definitely didn't need it yet, and she lost some of her beautiful curls in the back, but I tried to find a lock or two on the floor that I could save for her scrapbook.  She's had a hard enough time growing the hair that she does have.  Now she looks more like a boy than ever.    I'm going to have to dress her in pink everyday.

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Jewelz said...

Oh the joy of kids and scissors! For Banana Girl, just make sure she never leaves the house without one of your amazing hair bows/accessories that you make. That's what I had to do with Elise until she grew some hair. Like Banana Girl, she had barely any hair for the longest time. But, it will grow out eventually!