Sunday, July 18, 2010


A couple weeks back, I was asked to make a cake for one of my good friend's baby shower. It's been a long time since I really had fun with a cake, so I decided to pull out the old decorating kit and really go all out. With a jungle theme and a little surfing on the internet, I came up with some ideas that I got pretty excited about. I was very pleased with how it turned out; although it was a little bit fragile. Big hit at the shower though!

Here are some details if you care to browse:


Maryle said...

That is an AWESOME cake! Good Job!

Maryle said...

By the way, I learned a new recipe for fondant that tastes great! I'm so excited and can't wait to use it.

Dirk and Trish said...

It was so cute! Thanks so much!!