Monday, June 7, 2010

Ballet Recital

Princess M had her first ballet recital on Friday. She's had so much fun with ballet the past couple months and was thrilled to perform on stage for everyone. Unfortunately, Alex had to leave town for a business trip, so he didn't get to see her dance. I commissioned my brother John to come and record the performance on my flip camera. He graciously agreed and even picked up a bouquet of flowers for me to give to her after the performance. As luck would have it, the ushers forced him to stop recording 10 seconds into the dance. Apparently they were selling videos of the recital outside. Well, since I was not about to pay a ton of money to buy a 3 hour video, just to see my daughter dance for 2 minutes, I had Princess M do a second performance of her dance at home afterwards, which we recorded. I discovered that you can't turn my flip for a tall shot and just turn the video in editing; so please excuse the sideways shots. (You live, you learn.) Enjoy the video:

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