Sunday, May 24, 2009

Because Girls trust their Daddies

So we had some friends over for dinner today, and in order to play a little later than 7:00pm we all put our kids to bed. I put Princess A to bed in her crib, Alex put Princess M to bed in our bed, and Our friend put Little L (M's friend) to bed in M's bed.

Upon leaving A's room, I stopped in ours to check on M before going downstairs. She was lying in bed, holding this china doll.

I asked her if she was playing with the doll before going to bed. Her reply was very matter-of-fact and resigned. "Well, Daddy gave me this doll to cuddle with in bed... It's kinda hard."

I asked her if she would like a soft animal to cuddle with, "Yeah, but L is in my room so Daddy can't get one."

I told her I could go look for one for her in the other rooms of the house, "Yeah, but I don't think there are any."

I happen to know that there are stuffed animals all over the house so I quickly returned with one so she wouldn't have to "cuddle" with a hunk of wood. It just cracked me up how resigned she was to her fate; no pouting or whining, just matter-of-fact resignation.

"Well... it's kinda hard."

Alex informed me he was giggling inside when he handed her the doll.

Luke 11:11 "If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone?"


Tara said...

Oh that's funny! Sweet little "M"!

Eosfry said...

That is such a parent moment! I have tried that with my girls when asked, "What can I sleep with? I don't have anything." Have handed them the first thing I found on their floor. Usually it is some hard toy they left out. It doesn't fly very well. She was a good sport!