Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visitors and Kids

So this morning we just said goodbye to my sister and her family who were visiting for a few days. It's always hard when fun times have to end and we must say goodbye to those closest to us. I must admit, I've been moping a bit around the house today (I still haven't cleaned up the breakfast mess yet.) But they're probably still on the road at this moment driving home, so they definitely have it worse. Alex got tricked into consenting to take us to Utah for Thanksgiving to see them again as everyone was saying goodbyes. We'll see if that sticks.

Life got put on hold for a while as we went swimming at the Y, planned and held a birthday party for my sister's youngest who just turned 1 year old, went to the zoo, and played a lot of Rock Band and card/board games with our honored guests and my two brothers' families who live here in the springs. It's always a blast when we can get a whole crowd together, no matter what we end up doing.

My sister's son was born the day before our little M, so it's always interesting watching the two interact. This time was mostly very pleasant and cute to watch them playing together (they haven't always been the best at sharing in the past, and although we had a few hiccups this time, for the most part, they loved being together.) They called each other "My M" and "My E," and would lead each other around hand in hand. M was admittedly a little bossy in what they were playing, but E put up with it very well.

You know I sometimes wonder whether we expect too much of our little almost 3 year old with all the rules and restrictions we place on her, as she seems to never be able to remember what them and I have to harp on her over and over about the same things. But my worries were put to rest as Little M very meticulously and matronly would scold E about all the household rules. "We eat in the kitchen, not on the carpet...Don't hurt the kitties...time to clean up the toys...etc. etc." Apparently it's not a matter of understanding, but just of selective hearing. (Busted!)

I got the hair change bug just this last weekend, and with the help of my sister, measured, cut, and prepared my hair for donation to Locks of Love. It has to be at least 10 inches in length to donate, and I was thrilled to find out I had 12 inches to spare and wouldn't have to wait to change my hairstyle. I've still got a little of the spiral perm left in my now "butched" hair ("You butched your hair", is all my brother J had to say on the subject.) and thanks to the support and help of my sister have a new style I'm already loving! Alex seems to like it too, so I guess that's what matters most. Here's the before and after (the hairstylist) shots. The after pic is not the best but I'm sure there will be more to come to show the new do.

Incidentally, the dreaded, but expected event happened, when Little M found the scissors, picked them up and announced to me that she needed to cut her hair too. Explain that double standard to a 2 year old! Luckily she told me her intentions before doing, so no harm was done, but I can tell I'll have to keep a close eye on all scissors around the house for a while.


Art said...

Hey, if you give it just a bit more curl you can get this famous hairstyle!

No really, it looks good!

Julie said that "My M" and "My E" must have imprinted on each other. That doesn't bode well with them being cousins and all...

Unknown said...

Hi! Your looks GREAT! Thank you so much for donating to locks of love. Thankfully Jaina has not missed her hair being so young, but going through this process you meet so many more who need services like this. I am currently growing out my hair to donate! I have 1 inch to go! It is good to see you all are doing so well.. I am putting other comments in appropriate spots! Love, Kateri and the Payne Family!